MS4C - Multi Solutions for Companies B.V.

The MSC-group consists of two business companies, namely MSC BV and MS4C BV.

MS4C is specialized in seals, vulcanization, molded products, rubber- & engineering plastics and gasket insertion tools.

MS4C is strong in customized products. Off course MS4C productportolio also covers the standard items.

MS4C is in contact with and does business with various players including the Gas & Oil industry, Dredging industry, Maritime sector, OEM market (including machine and cylinder build), Infrastructure (rail & road), Construction and Operation/control technology

MS4C’s product portfolio:
- static & dynamic seals,
- mechanical seals,
- gaskets
- vulcanization of steel and cast iron,
- molded products,
- rubber- and engineering plastics,
- and gasket insertion tools.

MS4C delivers its products in ANY form and dimension requested for ANY application !

SEALS: The standard diameters of the MS4C seals are in the range of 2 mm up to and including 2.500 mm. larger diameters (specials) can also be supplied in consultation.

GASKET INSERTION TOOL: the "LOBSTER" gasket insertion tool handles nearly all ring joint types. Just with 6 Lobster tool sizes the majority of gasket dimensions are covered. Also other kind of gaskets can be installed by the Lobster e.g. spiral wound and camprofile gaskets for raised face flanges.

VULCANIZATION: For the production of molded products MS4C has 18 compression presses at its disposal. The largest compression press has a size of 2.400 x 2.400 mm. Both small and very large products can be processed and vulcanized, for both small batches as serial work. MS4C works with regular compounds (rubbers) and high-grade compounds such as Viton A, Viton B. Viton GF, Viton GFLT, FKM ED, FFKM and FVQM.

- fenders
- plastic wearing parts
- spacers
- support blocks
- guides
- connectors
- buffers
- ram buffers
- ship door seals
- bridge seals
- etc.