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Interim management

As an entrepreneur you do not always have the luxury of knowing whether your business will have capacity and/or knowledge problems in the future.

Your staff is fully employed and you need to start setting priorities. You cannot always transfer a member of staff from within the company to fill an opening. This could be because the job demands certain specific knowledge.

When facing the loss of certain know-how in your organisation you need to feel sure you are making the right decisions. Unfortunately, it can take time to find the right person to fill the breach.

Temporary support
Temporary support might be an interesting option or a necessity should you find yourself in the above mentioned position.

An interim manager could be the solution. MSC's interim managers have a wide range of experience in their chosen fields.

  1. Their experience means they are acquainted with best practise standards.
  2. They are used to temporarily executing projects whilst maintaining their good names. In other words: failure is not an option.
  3. They are well aware of the fact that there is no time to slowly settle into the run of things.

In other words: Do you need temporary support to help continue the day-to-day running of your company or do you perhaps feel the need for a breath of fresh air in the office?

There is no need to wait. Please feel free to contact us.

MSC's employees execute their duties both at home, in the Netherlands, and abroad. MSC is an international player.

MSC is able to provide clients with interim managers for any position in your company thanks to our extensive network of professionals. We can do this on strategic, tactical and operational levels.