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Project management

Do you have the time, knowledge and skills to ensure your project ends successfully ?

Are you confident that the desired results will be achieved ?

These are two questions which need to be answered before the start of any project. It might be a good idea to find outside help if one of the answers to these questions is no; someone to be your pillar.

Total optimisation
MSC is your pillar when it comes to developing an even more efficiently and effectively organised business. MSC: your bridge to total optimisation.

MSC can manage both partial and full projects. The project methods employed by MSC are pragmatic and situational. One of the methods we use is Prince-2.

One of the advantages of project management methods is that everything is approached and delivered using proven structures. The answers to the previou two questions are an important part of these methods.

Clear agreements
Together with MSC you will determine which requirements and goals are necessary for the successful completion of your project. MSC will make clear agreements with you about progress, monitoring and evaluation before we get started. That way, you will not be faced with any unexpected surprises.

MSC has lots of experience coordinating projects such as:

  • (integral) process improvement
  • cost reduction programs
  • Total Quality Management
  • business and departmental restructering
  • development and implementation of management systems
  • implementation of CRM and ERP systems
  • defining and establishing the administrative organisation
  • setting up new subsidiaries

The above listed processes are time consuming and expensive. However, it will take even more time and money if you decide to reinvent the wheel. It is a piece of cake for MSC. Would you like more information about what MSC can do for you ? Please feel free to contact us.