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Multi Solutions Company: The Bridge towards total Optimization!


Multi Solutions Company B.V. is the essential bridge to realising a maximum operating efficiency.

You want to optimise, change culture, cut back, create more financial security for your company and/or want to set up or improve your (integrated) managementsystem according MSC is ready to help you.

Contact MSC immediately for a first consult: off course FREE OF CHARGE. Please send your contact details to .

Save time
MSC takes the weight off their client's shoulders. This saves you time. Valuable time which can be better spent performing your business activities.

MSC's primary activities executed world-wide, are:

Most of MSC's clients are active in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Shipbuilding
  • Dreding and Mining
  • Offshore
  • Motion and Control
  • Industrial automation
  • Logistics
  • Cash logistics
  • Security

MSC offers realistical solutions. The result: a joint effort to realise your maximum company return. MSC is a multifaceted company which offers creative solutions. These solutions and options will lead to the sound structural optimisation of your business. This means that important aspects such as advice, "baseline" measurment, analysis, communication, tuning, evaluation and reporting are all dealt with. MSC guarantees a goal orientated plan of action and intensive support.

In addition MSC is specialized in implementing, improving, integreting and/or automating your managementsystems e.g. ISO9001, ISO45001 (OHSAS18001), ISO14001 and API Standards

Turn-key projects
MSC offers partial management as well as the complete management of projects. MSC also acts as a guarantor for turn-key projects. MSC provide a ready-made product and all you have to do is turn the figurative key.

MSC's solutions are not hindered by existing structures or traditional modes of thought.

Our company is able to view your existing business structure and culture in a new light because we actually work for you. This allows MSC’s employees to optimise their thought processes (outside the box) which means we are able to come up with new solutions.

Custom made
MSC's extensive network of professionals enables us to offer customized  solutions. Teamwork and a close collaboration with you, our client, allow us to achieve noticeable improvements when it comes to business processes, business performance and cost reduction.

MSC's employees execute their duties both at home, in the Netherlands, and abroad . MSC is an international player. The MSC employees have successfully completed projects in a number of different countries including:

  • Germany
  • France
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Ireland
  • Denmark
  • Switzerland
  • United States of America
  • Israel
  • Morocco


  • Wincor Nixdorf B.V. (project Migration devices, GSN)
  • Bosch Rexroth B.V. (project Pieter Schelte, Allseas)
  • IHC Offshore & Marine
  • IHC Fabrication
  • IHC Deep Sea Dredging and Mining
  • SBM offshore
  • Huisman Equipment B.V.
  • Multi Solutions 4 Cash B.V.
  • SecurCash B.V.
  • Hollander Techniek B.V.
  • Tailor Made Services B.V.
  • Cofano B.V.
  • PetroTools GmbH
  • Akkermans Gloeitechniek B.V.
  • Grohe Nederland B.V.
  • Vector Aandrijftechniek B.V.

‘Our core values are integrity, creativity, cooperation, commitment, efficiency, measurable results and a no-nonsense mentality.'' Nico de Bruin, owner MSC